Dan's Voice


A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded to help children with communication issues find their voice by helping to improve and implement AAC technology in school and at home

Dan's Voice does this by:

Hosting an educational summer camp for children that use AAC Devices

Offering grants to families seeking a VocalID Voice


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AAC Summer Camp

Every year, Dan’s Voice hosts a summer camp for kids that use AAC devices. The camp is hosted in Moorestown, NJ and focuses on a STEM curriculum. Click below to learn more about our camp and how to donate to support our operations.

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Voice Grants

Everyone has a unique voice. Unfortunately, most kids that use devices to communicate are stuck with generic and robotic sounding presets. VocaliD is a company that gives children custom voices based on vocal utterances from the child/(recipient?) blended with a similar sounding voice from a donor child. The result a custom voice that is truly unique to the child. Your generous donation will fund a family’s journey in finding that custom voice. Click below to donate your voice to vocaliD’s voice bank or make a financial contribution to the Dan’s Voice funding program.

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Find out about our organization, our mission, and Dan's story.

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Ready to take the next step? You can become a financial contributor to our cause, or become a voice donor.

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